Darden – AMP Dual Degree Option

Darden students have the opportunity to earn a Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering degree while completing their second year in the Darden MBA program through concurrent enrollment in the Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering (AMP).

In the AMP you will gain systems thinking, data analytics, and evidence-based decision making skills, widely applicable problem-solving skills that can expand your opportunities and advance your career.

  • Darden students are automatically admitted to the program (subject to math requirements/preparation).
  • The engineering course schedule for Darden second years includes one week in residence in late May plus 15 Friday/Saturday class weekends.
  • The alternate weekend classes begin in the summer and conclude the following April, in time for Final Exercises in May.
  • Darden students may take summer courses online to allow internships.
  • Up to 7.5 shared credit hours can be applied to both degrees.
  • You will study with outstanding Darden School and Engineering School faculty in a diverse cohort of extraordinary classmates.
  • Darden – AMP students develop a robust personal and professional network that lasts a lifetime.

If you would like to learn more about the Darden-AMP dual degree program, please fill out the Darden Student Interest Form below.