Fast Facts


Students in the Accelerated Master’s Program complete a full-fledged master’s degree in one year (May – April). The program includes two weeks in residence, one at the beginning of the program in May and another the following April. In between those two weeks, classes meet all day every other Friday and Saturday for a total of twenty Fri/Sat weekends. For most of the program of study, students take one course on Friday and a different course on Saturday. Friday classes meet from 9 am to 5 pm followed by a group dinner and an evening seminar. Saturday classes meet from 8 am to 4 pm.

Application Deadline

The Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering uses rolling admissions, and class size is limited. While there is no hard and fast application deadline, we encourage interested candidates to apply early in the admissions cycle. Applying early is to your advantage, and it gives you time to prepare for the program, secure financial resources, and gain your employer’s support for your participation in the program. The program begins in late May. We endeavor to review all applications and finalize the cohort by mid-April; however, we will continue to accept qualified candidates for admission until all slots are filled or the program begins. If you anticipate applying late in the admissions cycle, please email for special instructions to expedite the application process.

Admissions Requirements

Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university
Satisfactory prior academic performance – overall and in math courses
Official transcripts of all previous academic work (include originals of transfer credits with grades)
Three letters of recommendation – electronic submission through Apply Yourself preferred
GRE revised General Test scores (new format) or GRE General Test scores (if still available)
Two essays – Essays should demonstrate thought and writing competence; they do not need to be lengthy

Math Proficiency typically demonstrated by successful completion of the following courses:

Calculus – at least two semesters
Probability and Statistics – must be calculus-based
Linear Algebra – or an equivalent course or courses
Computer Programming – experience may substitute for coursework in certain cases – ask for details

Articulation Plans

If you need to take courses to qualify for admission or to refresh your math skills, please contact us. We will be happy to help you identify classes or set up a self-study program that will satisfy the requirements and prepare you to be successful in the program.

Application Process

If you have not already done so, please submit a free preliminary application from the AMP web site so that we can advise you.

Register for an account on Apply Yourself (AY) and start your Official Application.

When you set up your account, select “Systems Engineering” for your program. The start term for AMP is Summer. The intended degree is “Master of Engineering (AMP)”. These choices will lead you to the correct form for the AMP.

If you are unsure that you have satisfied the math requirements, or you have other questions about your eligibility for the program, email unofficial copies of your transcripts to We will do a preliminary review and let you know if there are any concerns to address. We do not see your official application (including transcripts) until it is complete and submitted.

When your application is ready, pay the application fee. Remember to hit “Submit”!

Alert the program manager by email that you have submitted your official application.

Use the “My Grad Page” feature to track what has been received and what is still missing.

If you have questions concerning receipt of transcripts, letters or test scores, you may contact the School of Engineering Graduate Office at

If everything is in order, you should receive a decision electronically in about a month.


Official transcripts must be sent directly from your institution to the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The University accepts electronic delivery of official transcripts and sealed hard copy transcripts. Electronic transcripts should be sent in care of Ms. Iva Gillet at Hard copy official transcripts should be sent to the following address:

University of Virginia
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Graduate Programs Office
PO Box 400242
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4242

GRE revised General Test

Register to take the exam at

Have your official scores reported to the U.Va. School of Engineering using institution code 5820. No department code is needed.

Put your unofficial (self-reported) quantitative and verbal scores on your application.

The ETS will not send official GRE scores that are older than 5 years.

We recommend that you take the free practice test available on the GRE web site.

If you take the exam more than once, we will use your best scores.

You must take the GRE. You cannot substitute other test scores. Exceptions: If you have earned an MBA, you may request to use your GMAT scores. If you have already earned a graduate degree for which you were required to take the GRE, and your scores have expired, you may request a waiver. All other application materials must be received before your request for a waiver will be considered by the associate dean.

Tuition & Billing

Tuition for the Accelerated Master’s Program is comprehensive; it includes instruction, books, software, fees, and meals & lodging while the cohort is on grounds for classes. The student must bring a capable laptop computer to class. The UVa Board of Visitors sets AMP tuition for the coming program year in February of each year. Tuition for 2016 – 2017 is $39,000. Tuition is billed over two calendar years. A $1,000 tuition prepayment is required upon your acceptance of our offer of admission to secure your place in the cohort. This prepayment applies toward your first tuition bill. Registration, billing, and loan disbursements are done on the University’s traditional academic schedule by semesters. The program of study includes 10 three-credit-hour courses plus a year-long seminar series. Three credits are awarded for the seminar series. Comprehensive tuition for each course is $3,900. The seminars are included in the overall costs; they are not billed separately. The tuition prepayment is due upon acceptance, with the balance for summer due prior to enrollment in May, and payments are due at the start of the fall and spring semesters.

Tuition Support

Many employers subsidize their employees’ educational expenses.

Veterans may use their GI Bill benefits and are encouraged to apply. The AMP meets the criteria for full-time study for both the University and the VA. Veterans (who are not active duty) who are receiving 100% benefits may find that the combination of their eligible tuition costs, plus the GI Bill books stipend and housing allowance allows them to participate in the AMP at minimal or no out-of-pocket cost.

Some professional and private organizations offer scholarships for graduate study.

Education Loans

The entire cost of the AMP can be covered by education loans. Graduate students may borrow up to $20,500 in Federal Direct Loans per calendar year. Students may augment their Federal Direct Loans with Direct Graduate PLUS loans. Loan funds over the amount of tuition will be offered and can be used to pay for travel, lodging if you need to arrive on Thursday, review books, and other education-related expenses. Additional loan funds are available for purchase of computers. All admitted AMP students qualify for the full amount of aid. Repayment begins six months after graduation and can be spread out over ten years. For loan questions please contact Ms. Deborah Davis in Student Financial Services at or 434-924-6236.


Contact the executive director and the program manager at